Monday, October 8, 2018


Dear my blog viewers,

There is no short cut of success in life. Success is a path of zig zag road which has many bandings and U turns. In order to reach in the destination, one needs to face obstacle and difficulties.After facing all those odds, one will definitely reach at the destinations with so many troubles and harassments. But the most important thing is to have patience during this juncture of life to sustain by going through all those unexpected definite odds. If dream is bigger, then challenges are definitely higher. We can take the best examples of kite which flies against the air. It only flies against the flow of air and move higher and higher as the blow is strong and stronger. We need to learn the lessons from the kite as it dose not get afraid of opposite motion rather moves against the odds. If somebody is facing trouble when trying to have something, definitely she or he is on the right path and getting the indication of upcoming success. No difficulty can discourage, no obstacle dismay, no trouble dishearten the man who has acquired the art of being alive. Difficulties are but dares of fate, obstacles but hurdles to try his skill, troubles but bitter tonics to give him strength; and he rises higher and looms greater after each encounter with adversity. Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment. Thomas Carlyl .Obstacles are like wild animals, They are cowards but they will bluff you if they can. If they see you are afraid of them, they are liable to spring upon you; but if you look them squarely in the eye, they will sink out of sight.”The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates.”Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.” Sometimes life gives you obstacles. Obstacles that may seem unfair or too extreme. But you are given choices. Break through the obstacles or let the obstacles break you.” If you find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere. Once my father rightly told that anything which is easily available or has no obstacles, it will definitely have no charm or permanent in nature. I have really faced the same issue in my life. After completing my PGDM,I joined thyrocare technologies ltd as a business development executive. This is the first corporate life where I learnt so many things with many troubles and stressful events. Though I left the job due to health problem but it taught me how to adjust in corporate life. Then after leaving the dream city, I discovered myself in the city of temple. I was crazy of getting job easily because of paying back my educational loan as the earliest. So joined MEDICAL REPRESENTATIVE by simply giving the job interview. Thus getting this job was easy but its job role was definitely tough. So anything which comes easily dose not last long. Obstacles come to those people who constantly keep on trying and it is really a great symptom of success. Sometimes people get success by chance but it also does not last long if it is not worked out with hard work and proper strategy. Let us take the example of athletes. It is my pleasure to mention Dutee Chand, the pride of odisha who made us proud recently belongs to a very poor family without having the proper facility for her practice and exposure but she proved herself after so many difficulties and pain. She is now a symptom of success in all over the world not for success but for the impediments she has faced to reach today where she deserved to be.

Let us take the pain and obstacles positively because these are temporary in nature but we need to take actions to make it volatile. Otherwise it will be a great friend forever.
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Truly yours,
Rajib kumar jena

Wednesday, August 8, 2018


Some memories are unforgettable, remaining ever vivid and heart warming. Yesterday is but today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream.

Competitive examinations are nothing but a strived approach to hit the goal with group study and tireless practices. The way practice makes a man perfect, in the same way perfect preparation makes a jobless jobholder within a short span of the years. But the approach and practices should be effective. After migrating from f m competitive, The Almighty was built up with a motto of unique library and classes. Classes story remains the same story of the market but Library concept was really a challenging one. At the outset, one library struggled to get established after having so many efforts and different type of classes. Then junior library came into live. I started the junior library with five students. As it continued smoothly, students started pouring into the library. It exceeded senior library interms of study and a culture of rigorous practice. There are different character came into existence to the library. I must pen down those participants and some memorable moments which made the junior library a space for learning and active participations. Memories may be old but exists for longer if it is that much of interesting one. The most important aspect of our library was discipline. Everybody used to come at 7.30 am morning and used to leave almost at 2pm despite being hungry. There was an attitude of learning and listening patiently regarding the discussions. We started the library with basic concept of discussions on each and every subject. There were active participations from all the leading concern persons from respective subjects. The leading characters are unforgettable for their effective participation and contribution on their specific subjects. Let me discuss regarding the outstanding contributions made by my friends. One of them is Sasmita.She is really an efficient teacher in mathematics. She did clarify all the questions of all most all the chapters. She has really done a marvellous job. Despite having the entire financial burden, she continued her study. She was the leading student of our library. I do salute her as I have no words to describe her contributions and patience. Let me describe another interesting character was joy. My statement for joyasmita was that Joy; you are the joy of my life. I have got a huge respect for this student of mine for her patience and preservance.She used to compromise on all difficulties to save her friends. The most interesting thing was her attitude and approach towards life. She is very affectionate and passionate for her work and kind respect towards her teachers. The next best character was Panda Babu.She is none other than vijaylaxmi, very aggressive and short tempered but very polite and dedicated towards her studies.Babina was another member of our library who was good at asking all the interesting questions which are very difficult to forget.Anadi,the most polite and cool boy. A perfect honest and gentleman.Anadi was an active participant of our library.I does appreciate his patience and continued approach for preparation. Though he has not got any job till now but he will definitely crack job one day. The most interesting character was satyabrata.Though his name is Satyabrata but sometimes he has failed to justify his name. But I appreciate his accuracy and honest personality. Though he used to come in late all most all days but he is definitely appreciated for his accuracy and perfect knowledge. Then it is the time to describe Vivekananda. The perfect symbol of laziness and late coming but a man of integrity and proper humanity who never forgot to help others. Once he was hospitalised with severe fever and was not able to sit straight but when panda Babu reached in the hospital, Mr Hemanta was so happy that could sit and talked with all of a sudden.Bandita, the next best student for her dedication and good behaviour. Being an honest girl, she used to be a regular participant and gave her best.The last but not the least character was panda didi.She was an example of success that started path of victory at the outset. A person with intelligence and meticulous approach towards her preparation made her victorious. The concept of Panda didi itself is unique. Let it be history forever. My teacher and mentor Bandan is really an interesting guy who is not be forgotten because he was the first guy to be an active participant of library.There are so many memories which cannot be forgotten and described properly. Lastly I must describe Mr Uttam who was not only my student but also a great friend. He has been a great support and help for me.A man used to sit in front of me and panda didi and used to be a witness of our relationship. The most peculiar thing was mudi masala and share eating. This is just a leaf of my memory. There are so many unforgotten and unspoken stories which can neither be spoken nor described but only can be stored in the heart. Our junior Library is really unforgettable for its discipline and pool of talents. Even some characters have been missing but they are stored in my heart till now.

Good times come and go but the memories will last forever!!!

Thanking you,
Rajib kumar jena

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


Neither success nor failure is ever final in life. But the motivation of staying in the competition is very much important. After completing PGDM from Asian School of Business Management, I joined Thyrocare Technologies Ltd, Navi Mumbai as a Business Development Executive for almost seven months; I left the job for health problem. Though life in Mumbai had a better prospect but I did not have courage to challenge my health again as I suffered from dengue twice in couple of months. So got back to Bhubaneswar to join as a medical Representative after being inspired by my friend Nihar for a suitable salary in marketing profession. We all the asbians were ready to work but all were not settled well due to lack of better opportunity. My loan EMI was Rs 7500 but it was difficult to get a job in the same tune in Odisha.Medical representaitive was only the better option to work from financial point of view. I worked for around one and half year in Meyer organics pvt ltd but left job immediately for a stable one and to protect the respect of my father as he was always unable to share my job status to his colleagues. Even I used to feel humiliated in the face of my friends and teachers for the nature of my job. So I quited my job but did not quit my tempo to be associated with a public sector unit. I was inspired by the quotation of Winners never quit, Quitters never win.So started preparation and faced so many 1st April prior to get the final congratulation in 2017 1st april.Prior to 2017 April, I had faced three 1st April respectively and I can remember the status of result clearly. The statement was “Thanking you for appearing but try for next time “I was fed up with this statement very often. But it was 2017th 1st April, had a also same negative thought and did not have a courage to view the result. Just previous day on 31st march night, I discussed with my parents and cried also for being afraid of next day result. I thought of starting a business at the cost of selling our valuable land as I had no option but to stay at home after marriage. So the 31st march night was full of frustration and depression. I had no faith anymore on the IBPS result but had also a positive optimism. So the next day morning that is 1st April 2017 arrived. A long waiting was about not to last any longer. I was going to primary co-operative along with my father but on the way I received a call from pankaj around 10am about the release of Specialist officer result but I did not dare to check the result. So I told my father about the publication of the result and he told to check but I was afraid of Thank you. But after reaching in primary cooperative Bank, chandaneswar,I checked the result in front of the bank sitting in the bike along with my father. At the outset, I could not understand the result due to a long line but understood something because of congratulations. Then viewed again to understand and did understand of getting selected in Canara Bank but could not believe this. So I did call to my brother in law, Janmejoy Bhenei to view the result and I was assured that I got finally selected in IBPS SO.A great sign of relief came to my life after huge humiliations. I saw a person who was the happiest person in the world. He was none other than my father. His joy knew no bound. Literally a sense of celebration started. First call was made to my mother and she started crying in happiness. Then it was my wife susama who was my lady luck. Luck was not in favor before marriage but it was blossomed after marriage. My father in law and mother in-law were very much excited too because they could justify their decision of accepting me while I was jobless. I am always grateful to them because they were exceptionally different from others of having faith on me. So I discovered myself in a different world. A sense of respect and happiness entered into my life. A stream of call started pouring. It was a matter of irony that those selfish friends who had left my hand after getting jod also made me call and congratulated me. So the day 1st April changed my fortune forever. A spectacular gratitude to my parents for their faith and blessings on me.

Thanking you,
With Best regards,
Rajib Kumar Jena                  

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Life is really a toughest one after resigning a job where someone was a star performer and was getting incentives more than salary. Even the company was an Mnc. Despite the request of all the superior authorities including regional manager not to quit but left to pursue my dream of being associated with a public sector unit. While leaving the job, it was an advice of my friend Pradip sir in Fm Competitive, Balasore that life is not as easier as it seems to be after leaving a better position but I dared to do so. I started attending the classes in f m competitive but after one month I became a teacher in English for competitive students. Life really became happier after returning to the student life. As I started reading with the group, started to be associated with all the struggling people together. It was not a group but a bond of relationship was built up. But in this span of time, a group of friends in our group including me left Fm Competitive and joined The Almighty.The brand ALMIGHTY institute of Banking –Committed to delivering excellence was my brain child. Though Rohit invested money but I invested my valuable time and ideas to make it a competitive hub.I did the right marketing of the institute by teaching to the students with my best efforts.Gradually it did excellent business and I took additional responsibility of offering mock interview classes .Infact my first student for mock interview was Arpita who is serving now now in Mahila cooperative Bank in Balasore.I slowly earnt the fame of being the best interview trainer in Balasore for the students and got good volume of students and did my job for my passion of serving the struggling people in the most crucial juncture of their life. In between this toughest time of myself and others, I got a student named Panda Didi. I am not mentioning the exact name as I don’t want to disturb the any body’s personal life but the fraud student of mine will understand it without mentioning her name directly. One day she came to Almighty and asked about the course fee and started bargaining for fee but I did not accept that. But unfortunately our director took her admission. So I started giving training to the group of interview aspirants by putting my best by my own style of teaching and completed the training session. So IBPS PO and Clerk interview completed. The real cheating and emotional drama started on the day of completion of ibps clerk exam. I received a message from Panda Didi that I deserve all the credits for her good performance in her IBPS clerk interview on 14th feb 2015 approximately around 12.30 pm while I completed my interview for ibps clerk in the same day. A new relationship started that is so much caring and sharing. so many sms per day about breakfast, lunch and dinner etc but it did not last long. Suddenly this emotional drama was postponed after six months. It was a great shock for me to manage myself as I was never in such fake relationship in my life. So gradually I focused on my preparation .It was my stupidity to accept again to this selfish when odisha gramya bank interview call letter came to her and she started approaching me. I had learnt that if somebody has cheated once, definitely she will try to cheat again but being honest I accepted and took her mock interview and started preparing together for IBPS in junior library of The Almighty. Again wats up started and she shared everything, even her technical issues but it continued up to her joining as po in OGB.One day she told me not to wats up her but she will wats up me when she will get her time but she started ignoring me after getting job. It was really a mental shock for me and took huge time to get rid of all the past issues. Even I can remember she did not even gave her math copy to me for my preparation despite her commitment to give me. I was betrayed like never before in my life. Even there are so many instances and incidents I don’t want to reveal. Only she will understand if she goes through this article. Though we are still in touch rarely but it was a great lesson I cannot forget in my life. “It is easier to forgive an enemy than to forgive a friend.” William Blak “If you spend your time hoping someone will suffer the consequences for what they did to your heart, then you're allowing them to hurt you a second time in your mind.”  Alder. Though that incident made me harassed but I did not lose my hope and did my preparation continued.It was just one chapter of betrayal and breach of trust. Now let me describe regarding the exploitation I did encounter. I was exploited by The Almighty .My own creation made me stuck in the half way and lost all the hope of building up any other institute but did not lose my hope. I did build up The Alchemist again and proved my mettle but cannot forget the horrible incidents in the Almighty. The institute was established to give the best quality to the students and unique amenities in the library. It continued for almost one year but later on everything got reversed. The director changed his approach and became commercial in approach.The vision of the institute got destroyed.I was engaged in publicy, branding, discipline and strategic management. Even I did naming this institute. Started teaching English and taking interview classes for the students. So many students got benefit out of my service and I was the pioneer in the IBPS Interview in Balasore.Neither I got my exact remuneration nor I got share as a partner for my time and intelligence.I have taken almost minimum five hundred classes in class room and library.I did also maintain junior library and brought up it into the number one library in Balasore. But my dream did not last long as major participants of the institute were busy on doing love management and had taken institute as a platform for time pass and girl friend management. I was shocked and felt exploited to be in such organization whose vision was diverted. This was not even noticed by the silent senior spectators. At last I was forced to leave my brain child The Almighty. These are really a leaf of my memories. Last but not least is the humiliation during preparation for Banking. Life was not as comfortable as it was while in job with bike always in each and every time where interested to move but when came into preparation with a cycle handed over by Mr.Rohit, it was really a humiliating experience but a testing time for a real taste of the life. Everybody used to humiliate me. Even I felt like not attending any family functions or going to meet any friends because everybody had a habit of asking about current status after completing PGDM from a leading B School. Even I had a working experience of 3 years before coming to prepare competitive examination. I was a subject of laughing object in my village. The biggest tragedy was for my father who was always sad for my position. He was also not able to move freely because he was also unhappy to share my condition to his colleagues and friends. The biggest snub was in Aditwiya academy where receptionists misbehaved me like anything where I was supposed to be a faculty. The biggest surprise came when my father decided my marriage while I had lost my all the hopes of getting a job. I used to be humiliated by my relatives and even by the relatives of my inlaws.Even my father in law was facing challenge of tying the knot to a jobless boy for his daughter.But after all, my wife sumi became lucky for me to delete my name from unemployed list and a man of humiliation.

So success does not come so easily and it does not have any short cuts. It is a combination of hardwork, failure, betrayal, humiliation and so many exploitations.

Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. Winston Churchill

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.

So let us be happy and pursue for happiness. Leave everything to god. He will definitely help us when we are helpless and hopeless. Forget and forgive the selfish and exploiters but be careful to these idiots who will try to enter in to your life in any time to cheat and exploit you.Beacause it is a life lesson as I am getting to see these stupids are still not satisfied of cheating and still trying to enter in to my life.

 “Happiness is a butterfly, which when pursued, is always just beyond your grasp, but which, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.” —Nathaniel Hawthorne

Thanking you,
Best Regards,
Rajib kumar jena

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Dear Blog Viewers,

Love is an attraction, feelings and deep emotion and deeply involvement in thoughts regarding a person, thing and self. Some are mad after reading novels, some are busy in collecting newer things and some are exploring new discoveries etc…different people have wide variety of craziness but all those behavior are supposed to be aligned with constructive approach and healthy effects. We must be in love with our own interest, passion and hobbies. These are truly known as self-love and self-improvement. It is well said that loving self has no side effects but loving others has huge adverse effects. If you are in love with your passion and interest, its outcome is definitely lots of glory and success. Most of the time in our society, we stupid are busy in thinking and appreciating others for their attitude, beauty, richness and attractiveness. During this span of time, we negotiate with our own possibility of being outstanding in our objectives. We compromise a lot in our life for impressing our beloved other than parents or self. This leads to the improvements of others while belittling self. Once we start neglecting us, our own activity softly invites us to the self-destruction and prohibits us to reach at our destination. Loving self is the need of the our because it ensures success sure. Being a marketing guy, I always appreciate SWOT analysis.SWOT analysis not only useful for marketing but it is potentially useful for self-analysis and self-development. Strength always brings opportunity and opportunity often brings success. Weakness always welcomes threats and threats are the best friends of the repeated failures. There are so many people always repent for repeating same mistakes for years and years. Let me cite an example of my present arena of experience. One of my friends was having strength in mathematics and another one was good at English. When both of them were preparing for banking together in a library…Weak in math started focussing in math by the help of the strongest one of math but ironically weak in English became busy in assisting his friend without focussing in English. So he failed tremendously due to his lack of love to himself. He did not succeed as he failed to give attention to his own problem. It is important to pour the water of love and affection on self than to spend on others. I don’t mean to be self-centered completely rather helping self-first than dreamed princes or prince of our life or so called best friends. Our life will be charmless, once we fail to script our own success story. Everybody in this materialistic society wants to be associated with the people who are superior and intelligent. When we fail to impress others, we will be past for them. In this article, I would like to reflect the attitude of the young stars. Strangers are becoming friends, Friends are being converted to lovers and lovers are converted to strangers in the cycle of true love story where they are committed to die for each other and valid for each other for the seven lives. If this is true, then why is there break up, divorce or extramarital affairs? Simply we fail to love our self.when we fail to take care of self, how we can love our partner. We become worried in satisfying all the needs of our girlfriend rather than our own needs to survive. It is deadly sure that once  one dose not beautify oneself, the consequences would be tragedy. Let us care our own passion so effectively that we cannot believe its potential miracles. As all of my articles are based on my own experience, I must share my own story here.In 2014 RBI Grade B written test,I failed in English miserably and scored zero.Later on, I realised that the process of my preparation in banking English is completely wrong. So I realised that understanding is more crucial than grasping mere grammar. So I started a special English group with a minimum fee and started analysing THE HINDU paper and enhanced my understanding.Though during this process, I got less amount of fee from students as the owner of the institute took the maximum remuneration out of this without even giving the single pie of the photo copy and other expenses. But the reward of all those exploitation leaded to me an outstanding achievement of scoring 37 out of 40 in IBPS English clerical exam and also scoring 20 out of 22 attempts in IBPS PO.It is definitely an unforgettable memory of my life. This time, I may get job or not, but my self-introspection and self-analysis have given me enough courage to manage my weaker subjects with a proper strategy further. So it is clear that if there is a will, there is definitely a way. But we need to understand our self and appreciate our own capabilities. The letter I,ME AND MYSELF is quite important in deciding our fate.

So dear friends, Love yourself so much that your life will be full of happiness, success and miracles. Be dynamic, don’t be static.

Lovely yours,
Dr(prof)Rajib kumar Jena(Affectionately called by friends)

Sunday, January 4, 2015


Dear Blog viewers,
Wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2015.It is all most more than one year I have not been reachable to you all for a serious and genuine mission. But I am back to be in your touch. This article is going to be published on my current experience on the last few years on the competitive studies for BANKING, SSC, RAILWAY and others. This is a big exposure of current scenario of competitive institutes after so called devastating chit fund industry in our countries.All the competitive institutes are the part and parcel of the service industry. The way chit fund industry played the game with futures of the people in the same way all the institutes are killing the career and life of the students. Let me start sharing my experience of this industry of just more than one year. I am not going to mention any institute’s name but definitely going to reveal the secret of cheating to the students. Once upon a time, most of the low scoring students used to prepare for the competitive industries but the current flow has been diverted to the new direction. All most all branches of the students have surrendered their own branches and joined in the preparation of the govt. jobs due to current job scarcity and instability. The most significant factor for cracking govt job is all about grasping the basic concepts of reasoning, mathematics, banking awareness, current gk,traditional gk computer fundamentals and other matters seriously. Next factor is strategical strength for the preparation. One needs to have idea regarding speed and accuracy. All these things need to be introduced by coaching institutes to the students systematically within the time frame. There is no difference between a sales man and the director of an institute. The basic instinct of today’s sales man is to sale products by misguiding the customers and telling the lie. In the same manner so called reputed coaching heads are preaching to the students regarding their services which are supposed to be given by them but exactly they don’t provide. When a student asks about the lack of classes in the particular subject, for example computer, the director asks to first clear all the installments. So when installment is paid in full, the authorities behave with the students as if the student does not belong to the institutes. So friends, it is genuine to consider these looteras as sales of the most interesting facts about all these idiots are that no body of them have been successful in any of the exams they have faced during their preparation. They have come to this business by chance but not by choice. Every segment of business has different strategy and different styles but the style of the teachers and teaching is all most same by these people. Is it possible to teach English in a same style to a student of ssc and banking? The biggest mistake is to introduce English school teachers to teach English in competitive who has never faced any exams of banking, ssc or railway etc? They teach only English grammar to the student as per their style and pattern of the school. But the syllabus is absolutely different for different exams. Even different exams students are imparted same syllabus in a single class room.Becaus the shop keeper of the competitive shop does not have the idea regarding the requirements of the students as their basic motto is to earn money not to satisfy the needs of the students.It is a tragedy to see the diversification of some computer and other institute to teach competitive whose core area of expertise is different. If a bus business owner wants to establish an engineering college, you can imagine what would be the effect?If a chit fund failure lootera agent starts imparting banking coaching who does not have the capability to teach a single subject to the students,then just imagine the quality of their services? Even this is not sufficient about these dalals.Let me share you some more interesting facts about these future spoilers of the students.If a director of an institute drinks with students and visits to the girls hostel in an unconscious state of mind to guide the girls in night how to crack the banking exams, then just think about attitude of these future murderer of the students. Due to this kind of mismanagement, it takes four to five years for a student to succeed or even some cases; their age gets expired to get a job. Some of the Directors are busy in calculating about their revenues earned but ignores to make faculty payment. If a faculty does not get his due payment in time, will it be possible to teach effectively and carefully? Interview training for personal interview is given by the experts who have never faced the banking interview and those provide interview for private jobs are employed to teach the students how to crack the IBPS PO in the style of the corporate style. Is it not a crime to misguide the students who are jobless and job strugglers? These are just the smallest revelation of the truths of the self-declared directors of the competitive institutes. Now it will be my honour to share the etiquettes of the competitive teachers. A teachers job in competitive is not to just cover the syllabus rather to inspire students how to manage their stress and motivate them strategically to crack the exams efficiently but the present teachers of this industry are busy in playing cards with the students, drinking wines and eating meats in regular interval basis. I feel ashamed of this category of teachers who are darkening the future of the students in spite of knowing the complexity and length of the syllabus of the students. It is the time to describe about the real criminals of future destruction. You all will be definitely surprised to know the names of real criminals responsible for this kind of irresponsible mistakes. The most important criminal is none other than the aspirants of the competitive exams. Attending coaching classes has been a style and drama for the students. They have taken it as a platform to seduce the girls and to enjoy their coaching life. They just come to classes for passing their times and running after butterflies. Even I have seen some students to cut their hands to prove their degree of the love to impress the lady partner. These job seekers forget their intention and discover themselves in the world of merrymaking and picnics. It is a high time to kill the killers of our future. We just don’t need to blame the directors, teachers but we need to rectify ourselves from a live disaster. Because the students are the biggest murderer of their own and parents dream.
Be careful before your life is spoiled.

This article is published not to hurt anyone but to make all the culprits conscious about their wrong doings which may force them to pay huge price in present and future also.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my friend saktisadhana for her inspiration to start blogging again after a long interval.

Thanking you all,
Truly yours,
Dr.Rajib (Affectionately called by friends)

Sunday, June 30, 2013



Dear Blog viewers,

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.  Quotations on Integrity by Albert Einstein. Success definitely kisses the feet of those who are really passionate and dedicated towards their assigned goal. It is obligatory for success to give it’s sweet taste to the real deserving person who does not believe in day dream but in absolute action. There are different kinds of actions which may be ethical or unethical, humiliating or respectable. Everybody is earning money but it is important how one is earning. What is the medium of earning? Money may offer wide variety of material pleasure but it cannot always fetch peace and respect. It is a moral crime to sell the dignity at the cost of money. Money may work certain extent of life for accomplishing desires but it cannot be the sole priority of life. It is important to consider the job which considers you as a priority not as a mere option. It is a disaster to carry on the career  where employer can terminate you without any further notice but you cannot complain as they are employer. It is a snub to be killed in each and every moment even being alive. There is no need of such kind of job which is full of humiliation and mental disruption as well as moral distraction. It is really amazing to stick to heart not mental persuasion. Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them. So i did quit my job which bestowed with me so many things but failed to give me the mental satisfaction and did not permit to stay me with pride and mental virginity. I was successful in Meyer organics due to hard work and honesty. It gave me handsome salary but could not provide me the mental justice. I started working really very hard and working according to the directions provided by the company which made me successful. But it is a matter of regret that my hard work was not recognized absolutely as it should have been. The biggest hindrance was the nature of the duty and high risks of travelling. Customer relationship management is important but it should not be at the price of one’s self-esteem and morality. Inspite of being attached to a MNC ,but there was mere respect and sense of self satisfaction. So it is better to be jobless than to be mentally raped each and every moment which snatches away the mental tranquility. It may or may not be wise to take such decisions while having so much money to be repaid to bank for educational loan. But it is a high risk taken by my life to challenge myself once again and time has approached to test myself. I am prepared to compete with myself judiciously. It is not only a shock to my superiors where i was working but a calamity for my immediate boss. They persuaded me like anything to get back but i was absolutely determined in my predestined strategy. Let me utilize best resources and talents of myself at max for two years. I believe in actions not in the word wars. It is true that i kicked out the lucrative salary but have started the mission of accomplishing the best and last job hunting in my life. It is the high time not to look back but to move ahead in the most adventurous destinations of my life.

Sunshine may be late but sunset is sure.

Let me challenge my destiny once again.

Thanking you all,
Daringly yours,

Dr Rajib(Affectionately called by friends)

Friday, November 2, 2012


Dear Blog viewers,
                                It is true that
                                          “Your beliefs become your thoughts,
                                             Your thoughts become your words,
                                             Your words become your actions,
                                             Your actions become your habits,
                                             Your habits become your values,
                                             Your values become your destiny.”
                                                                                                        ― Mahatma Gandhi
The basic difference between a failed person and a successful one is the cultivation of good and bad habits. Everyone has specific some sorts of habits which have been regularised since a long time. But after a long period of time, those habits become as usual activity of a person but he fails to understand that it was only built up by himself or herself. A new habit becomes the as usual habit of a person after the systematic and scientific practices. So everybody has got the specific objectives in life but may not the stagnate one. But we have unlimited wants and limited resources. If one goal is accomplished, then another goal comes and stands in front of us. So a wise person holds those targets of life as per the priority. Thus each goal is accompanied by specific regular activities. Those activities may be new and difficult one but it becomes a tiny one in front of the deadline. These are basically mentality and deapth of the necessity. One can achieve it if one has the strong passion and burning desires to find the destination. So it is rightly told that “Just do it! First you make your habits and then your habits make you!” ― Lucas Remmerswaal, The A-Z of 13 Habits .So we should start beginning whatever we desire to do, it may be good or bad. It depends on our decision and what we want to do. We must take initiatives to be habituated with undertaken new habits to knock the door of the ambition. “We become what we repeatedly do.” ― Sean Covey, The 7 Habits Of Highly Effective Teens. It is absolutely true that we become what we repeatedly do.Repetation of an activity in a regular mode is called a habit. If we make irregularities in our actitivity,it cannot be converted in to habit. "We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but habit.Aristotle.Lets know how to break up bad habits and form good habits as well as how to form next new habits to move ahead in life without remaining complacent with one mission. So it is rightly stated that "A nail is driven out by another nail. Habit is overcome by habit."Desiderius Erasmus. There are so many people surrounded by so many virtues and evils. If we would like to delete a wrong habit one, we have to take up a good habit to nail out the wrong one .The most unique aspect of my blogging is about sharing my own experiences and wisdom.Once upon a time in my very early school days,i was associated with worst friend circles and involved with so many wrong activities. I had to pay the price of demotion in my studies and deprived of getting first division only due to the lack of seven marks.Every body was shocked at my home.Then i changed my school and study place. The most important fact is changing my persisting regular activities. Though it took some months to recover but i succeeded in my determination by nailing the bad habits with the acquisition of good virtues. Let me share another experience about losing my blogging since a long time. My asbm room mate, room no 1030 and Hostel no 10 reminded my blogging while just having his kind attention on my blog out of his busy schedule. He is none other than Mr, Dr.Love guru Niel.I had really procrastinated my one of the best When i started blogging, it became a titanic issue and took much time to draft an article. But i am sure that it is going to very smooth. There was a time while i was not good enough in writing. But only blogging helped me to reshape my writing skills. So my desire of being a good writer became successful only by adopting good habits like blogging. So this is how habit habituates the destination of life. Let me give another example of Dr..Niel.Dr.Niel was having so much expertise in IT. He was an instructor of computer classes. He achieved the intelligence and knowledge in IT after his spontaneous and regular practice in the area of his destination.I am confident that he has having more skills in IT than our so called IT Profs in ASBM.The most important fact of Dr.Niel is his habit of finding out so many tricks on love management.He has been a perfect love manager as per his regular research on different aspects of love.I can throw a challenge that my best room mate ever seen in my hostel life can publish book on love and romance management.His regular invention has made him an efficient master.This called the habit of creating destination.  It is last but not least example. It is my pleasure to introduce Mr.Nihar Ranjan Mohanty, My best friend. He is the most perfect example for this article. When we joined Asian School Of Business Management, Bhubaneswar, we are instructed not only to speak in English only but also to have so many assignments .English was taken as first language in ASBM campus.Mr.Mohanty was not that much fluency in English but he took the initiatives of having practice in hostel. He formed a group named as Finishing School in hostel and electrified enthusiasm among our group to have practice for GD,PI and many more activities which were still dancing in my memory. He not only limited in having practice in group but also used have practice in night 12 am in top floor of our hostel. Everybody was astonished after few months of his practice and fluency in English. That was outstanding experience of my life. So it is true that habits habituate destinations.

                                  “Sow a thought, and you reap an act;
                                   Sow an act, and you reap a habit;
                                   Sow a habit, and you reap a character;
                                   Sow a character, and you reap a destiny.”
                                                                                                    ― Samuel Smiles
So friends, please take care of our habits and your habits will take care of your destiny.
This blog is dedicated to my best room mate in hostel life Mr.Niel for reminding me to restart my passion of blogging as i had postponed my habit of writting since may,2012 and also i may remind to my viewers that this blog was created by Dr.niel in ASBM.
Thanking you,
Best regards,
Dr Rajib(Affectionately called by friends)