Sunday, June 30, 2013



Dear Blog viewers,

Try not to become a man of success but rather try to become a man of value.  Quotations on Integrity by Albert Einstein. Success definitely kisses the feet of those who are really passionate and dedicated towards their assigned goal. It is obligatory for success to give it’s sweet taste to the real deserving person who does not believe in day dream but in absolute action. There are different kinds of actions which may be ethical or unethical, humiliating or respectable. Everybody is earning money but it is important how one is earning. What is the medium of earning? Money may offer wide variety of material pleasure but it cannot always fetch peace and respect. It is a moral crime to sell the dignity at the cost of money. Money may work certain extent of life for accomplishing desires but it cannot be the sole priority of life. It is important to consider the job which considers you as a priority not as a mere option. It is a disaster to carry on the career  where employer can terminate you without any further notice but you cannot complain as they are employer. It is a snub to be killed in each and every moment even being alive. There is no need of such kind of job which is full of humiliation and mental disruption as well as moral distraction. It is really amazing to stick to heart not mental persuasion. Winners don’t wait for chances, they take them. So i did quit my job which bestowed with me so many things but failed to give me the mental satisfaction and did not permit to stay me with pride and mental virginity. I was successful in Meyer organics due to hard work and honesty. It gave me handsome salary but could not provide me the mental justice. I started working really very hard and working according to the directions provided by the company which made me successful. But it is a matter of regret that my hard work was not recognized absolutely as it should have been. The biggest hindrance was the nature of the duty and high risks of travelling. Customer relationship management is important but it should not be at the price of one’s self-esteem and morality. Inspite of being attached to a MNC ,but there was mere respect and sense of self satisfaction. So it is better to be jobless than to be mentally raped each and every moment which snatches away the mental tranquility. It may or may not be wise to take such decisions while having so much money to be repaid to bank for educational loan. But it is a high risk taken by my life to challenge myself once again and time has approached to test myself. I am prepared to compete with myself judiciously. It is not only a shock to my superiors where i was working but a calamity for my immediate boss. They persuaded me like anything to get back but i was absolutely determined in my predestined strategy. Let me utilize best resources and talents of myself at max for two years. I believe in actions not in the word wars. It is true that i kicked out the lucrative salary but have started the mission of accomplishing the best and last job hunting in my life. It is the high time not to look back but to move ahead in the most adventurous destinations of my life.

Sunshine may be late but sunset is sure.

Let me challenge my destiny once again.

Thanking you all,
Daringly yours,

Dr Rajib(Affectionately called by friends)
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