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Dear Blog viewers,
Wish you a happy and prosperous new year 2015.It is all most more than one year I have not been reachable to you all for a serious and genuine mission. But I am back to be in your touch. This article is going to be published on my current experience on the last few years on the competitive studies for BANKING, SSC, RAILWAY and others. This is a big exposure of current scenario of competitive institutes after so called devastating chit fund industry in our countries.All the competitive institutes are the part and parcel of the service industry. The way chit fund industry played the game with futures of the people in the same way all the institutes are killing the career and life of the students. Let me start sharing my experience of this industry of just more than one year. I am not going to mention any institute’s name but definitely going to reveal the secret of cheating to the students. Once upon a time, most of the low scoring students used to prepare for the competitive industries but the current flow has been diverted to the new direction. All most all branches of the students have surrendered their own branches and joined in the preparation of the govt. jobs due to current job scarcity and instability. The most significant factor for cracking govt job is all about grasping the basic concepts of reasoning, mathematics, banking awareness, current gk,traditional gk computer fundamentals and other matters seriously. Next factor is strategical strength for the preparation. One needs to have idea regarding speed and accuracy. All these things need to be introduced by coaching institutes to the students systematically within the time frame. There is no difference between a sales man and the director of an institute. The basic instinct of today’s sales man is to sale products by misguiding the customers and telling the lie. In the same manner so called reputed coaching heads are preaching to the students regarding their services which are supposed to be given by them but exactly they don’t provide. When a student asks about the lack of classes in the particular subject, for example computer, the director asks to first clear all the installments. So when installment is paid in full, the authorities behave with the students as if the student does not belong to the institutes. So friends, it is genuine to consider these looteras as sales of the most interesting facts about all these idiots are that no body of them have been successful in any of the exams they have faced during their preparation. They have come to this business by chance but not by choice. Every segment of business has different strategy and different styles but the style of the teachers and teaching is all most same by these people. Is it possible to teach English in a same style to a student of ssc and banking? The biggest mistake is to introduce English school teachers to teach English in competitive who has never faced any exams of banking, ssc or railway etc? They teach only English grammar to the student as per their style and pattern of the school. But the syllabus is absolutely different for different exams. Even different exams students are imparted same syllabus in a single class room.Becaus the shop keeper of the competitive shop does not have the idea regarding the requirements of the students as their basic motto is to earn money not to satisfy the needs of the students.It is a tragedy to see the diversification of some computer and other institute to teach competitive whose core area of expertise is different. If a bus business owner wants to establish an engineering college, you can imagine what would be the effect?If a chit fund failure lootera agent starts imparting banking coaching who does not have the capability to teach a single subject to the students,then just imagine the quality of their services? Even this is not sufficient about these dalals.Let me share you some more interesting facts about these future spoilers of the students.If a director of an institute drinks with students and visits to the girls hostel in an unconscious state of mind to guide the girls in night how to crack the banking exams, then just think about attitude of these future murderer of the students. Due to this kind of mismanagement, it takes four to five years for a student to succeed or even some cases; their age gets expired to get a job. Some of the Directors are busy in calculating about their revenues earned but ignores to make faculty payment. If a faculty does not get his due payment in time, will it be possible to teach effectively and carefully? Interview training for personal interview is given by the experts who have never faced the banking interview and those provide interview for private jobs are employed to teach the students how to crack the IBPS PO in the style of the corporate style. Is it not a crime to misguide the students who are jobless and job strugglers? These are just the smallest revelation of the truths of the self-declared directors of the competitive institutes. Now it will be my honour to share the etiquettes of the competitive teachers. A teachers job in competitive is not to just cover the syllabus rather to inspire students how to manage their stress and motivate them strategically to crack the exams efficiently but the present teachers of this industry are busy in playing cards with the students, drinking wines and eating meats in regular interval basis. I feel ashamed of this category of teachers who are darkening the future of the students in spite of knowing the complexity and length of the syllabus of the students. It is the time to describe about the real criminals of future destruction. You all will be definitely surprised to know the names of real criminals responsible for this kind of irresponsible mistakes. The most important criminal is none other than the aspirants of the competitive exams. Attending coaching classes has been a style and drama for the students. They have taken it as a platform to seduce the girls and to enjoy their coaching life. They just come to classes for passing their times and running after butterflies. Even I have seen some students to cut their hands to prove their degree of the love to impress the lady partner. These job seekers forget their intention and discover themselves in the world of merrymaking and picnics. It is a high time to kill the killers of our future. We just don’t need to blame the directors, teachers but we need to rectify ourselves from a live disaster. Because the students are the biggest murderer of their own and parents dream.
Be careful before your life is spoiled.

This article is published not to hurt anyone but to make all the culprits conscious about their wrong doings which may force them to pay huge price in present and future also.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to my friend saktisadhana for her inspiration to start blogging again after a long interval.

Thanking you all,
Truly yours,
Dr.Rajib (Affectionately called by friends)
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