Saturday, March 14, 2015


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Love is an attraction, feelings and deep emotion and deeply involvement in thoughts regarding a person, thing and self. Some are mad after reading novels, some are busy in collecting newer things and some are exploring new discoveries etc…different people have wide variety of craziness but all those behavior are supposed to be aligned with constructive approach and healthy effects. We must be in love with our own interest, passion and hobbies. These are truly known as self-love and self-improvement. It is well said that loving self has no side effects but loving others has huge adverse effects. If you are in love with your passion and interest, its outcome is definitely lots of glory and success. Most of the time in our society, we stupid are busy in thinking and appreciating others for their attitude, beauty, richness and attractiveness. During this span of time, we negotiate with our own possibility of being outstanding in our objectives. We compromise a lot in our life for impressing our beloved other than parents or self. This leads to the improvements of others while belittling self. Once we start neglecting us, our own activity softly invites us to the self-destruction and prohibits us to reach at our destination. Loving self is the need of the our because it ensures success sure. Being a marketing guy, I always appreciate SWOT analysis.SWOT analysis not only useful for marketing but it is potentially useful for self-analysis and self-development. Strength always brings opportunity and opportunity often brings success. Weakness always welcomes threats and threats are the best friends of the repeated failures. There are so many people always repent for repeating same mistakes for years and years. Let me cite an example of my present arena of experience. One of my friends was having strength in mathematics and another one was good at English. When both of them were preparing for banking together in a library…Weak in math started focussing in math by the help of the strongest one of math but ironically weak in English became busy in assisting his friend without focussing in English. So he failed tremendously due to his lack of love to himself. He did not succeed as he failed to give attention to his own problem. It is important to pour the water of love and affection on self than to spend on others. I don’t mean to be self-centered completely rather helping self-first than dreamed princes or prince of our life or so called best friends. Our life will be charmless, once we fail to script our own success story. Everybody in this materialistic society wants to be associated with the people who are superior and intelligent. When we fail to impress others, we will be past for them. In this article, I would like to reflect the attitude of the young stars. Strangers are becoming friends, Friends are being converted to lovers and lovers are converted to strangers in the cycle of true love story where they are committed to die for each other and valid for each other for the seven lives. If this is true, then why is there break up, divorce or extramarital affairs? Simply we fail to love our self.when we fail to take care of self, how we can love our partner. We become worried in satisfying all the needs of our girlfriend rather than our own needs to survive. It is deadly sure that once  one dose not beautify oneself, the consequences would be tragedy. Let us care our own passion so effectively that we cannot believe its potential miracles. As all of my articles are based on my own experience, I must share my own story here.In 2014 RBI Grade B written test,I failed in English miserably and scored zero.Later on, I realised that the process of my preparation in banking English is completely wrong. So I realised that understanding is more crucial than grasping mere grammar. So I started a special English group with a minimum fee and started analysing THE HINDU paper and enhanced my understanding.Though during this process, I got less amount of fee from students as the owner of the institute took the maximum remuneration out of this without even giving the single pie of the photo copy and other expenses. But the reward of all those exploitation leaded to me an outstanding achievement of scoring 37 out of 40 in IBPS English clerical exam and also scoring 20 out of 22 attempts in IBPS PO.It is definitely an unforgettable memory of my life. This time, I may get job or not, but my self-introspection and self-analysis have given me enough courage to manage my weaker subjects with a proper strategy further. So it is clear that if there is a will, there is definitely a way. But we need to understand our self and appreciate our own capabilities. The letter I,ME AND MYSELF is quite important in deciding our fate.

So dear friends, Love yourself so much that your life will be full of happiness, success and miracles. Be dynamic, don’t be static.

Lovely yours,
Dr(prof)Rajib kumar Jena(Affectionately called by friends)
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