Sunday, August 29, 2010


Dear friends,

Neither success nor failur is ever final.Failure is the band of road not the end of the destination.But we get worried with the succeessive failures.We just need to have patience and keep our spirit up.No body can stop us unless we put our efforts.But there are lot of friends who are there to cheer up our success but in case of setbacks nobody will be there to listen the few words and see the salty tears.But the taste of success is absolutely different.Every body will be surrounded by us to show as if they are everything for our achievements.Some says that the boy who is celebrating the glory of success is my relative,some says in his childhood i was teaching,some says he belongs to my locality,some says they were staying in rent in our building,some people say he was my group mate and many more things.This the reallity.But in the grey moments of one's life,every body started saying that failure person is good for nothing.We don't know the stupid stated by the fairweather peole to the celebrity of success when he is in trouble.SO IT'S RIGHTLY STATED THAT "SUCCESS IS A BASTARD WHICH HAS MANY FATHERS BUT FAILURE IS AN ORPHAN WHICH HAS NO FATHER."

Be careful to the many fathers!!!!

sincerely Yours,
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