Friday, August 27, 2010

Motivation vs Humilation

Motivation and Humiliation might be seeming bit difficult but it has lot of relevance.Humiliation is the essential parts of life.Motivation starts after humiliation even in dictionary motivation comes after the humiliation.The way success comes after failure in real life as well as in dictionary.Basically the biggest criminals are our surroundings who are the major contributors for the inconvenience.In my experience in this ASBM campus i had lot of friends while i was in a good time but now my mental horizon is under cloud,but there is not even my previous belongings are not there.Still it is a great scope of my life to achieve the way so many persons have done.Humiliation is everything for me because it is not only the ten words but it is most powerful than attending 100 crores of inspirations.I will come out with flying colors soon but the people of fair weather will be getting good lessons as far as my motivation is inherited from them.So friends if you might be facing this kind of problem,you should be proud enough to take it as a challenge.Adversity only comes to those who are to get more opportunity.
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