Wednesday, May 4, 2011


 Dear friends,
Life gives us two chances with each difficulty: Run away or face it. It is really a great platform given by life to learn or skip learning from the adversity .Every body likes to stay well with absolute no trouble or no difficulties in their way of family as well as office life. No body likes to kiss the taste of harassment, trouble, pain or torture in their day to day life. When Dhirubhai ambani started his business of selling news papers in different places by cycling, there were only two chances before started this mission that was either to postpone this business or to go ahead. He was the right person who caught the right train of his life by starting business from a small venture to an unbeatable position of today. One of the biggest mistake of ours is that we always start complaining regarding our adversity instead of learning and planning how to overcome it effectively. So it is quite true that do not complain about your problems to others instead solve them and become the example of other that people can come with their complain to you. I can cite an example of my own life where learning from adversity has been proved to be a great victory in my life. When I joined my class 12 in Fakirmohan junior college, I faced the biggest challenge that is my lack of communication skills. I used to feel like crying as I used to be insulted in the class room as well as in outsides not for being able to give answers in the class room and failure of interacting with so called ENGLISH MEDIUM class mates. Though I was frustrated but I started learning how to enhance my communication skills. I learnt the art of speaking English and became the trainer in communication skills and started teaching to my students as well as went to Business schools to give my presentation. I also accomplished my dream of speaking English fluently. So we must enjoy the problems with right spirit and enthuasism.It really becomes difficult to learn or face the sudden calamities of life but it is managed if the attitude of solving the problem is in the mind of a person. I can give another most common but true example of my recent past. When I was the novice guy in the Business hub of india,I had no idea regarding trains or bus routes  from my apartment to my company, I was absolutely dependent on my friends and company bus to reach in my office. One day unfortunately I was instructed by seniors to get down from the winger and I was forced to do that as I was the new joinee.I had no idea how to reach in office but I faced so many difficulties to reach in office but I learnt the route by train as well as bus and later on I started preaching to new comers regarding the routes to office. So it is always better to enjoy the problems. So we need to see the positive outcomes of the adversity of our life. So no one makes lock without it’s key, similarly god does not give problems without their solution. So never let down yourself in the face trouble because after every dark night, there is a bright day. I always appreciate one statement of my mentor that if you are facing troubles in the journey of your professional or personal life, it indicates that you are in the right track but if you don’t face any impediments in professional or personal life-It means that some where something is wrong.I must place her name in this blog for being impressed and realized the value of the great statement. She is none other than my psychological mentor Associate Prof.Priyanka Hazra, KIIT School of Management, Bhubaneswar.Sunrise my be late but sunset is sure. So opportunity may be late but end of adversity is sure. So friends turn your adversity in to opportunity.Do not be frustrated but frustrate your adversity.Be the first none to second to take the advantage of adversity.

Thanking You
Yours Truly,
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