Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Dear friends,

"Pain and sufferings are temporary but it comes to each one's life to make all strong and smart to face the  each challenging situations of life."

It was 24th May evening in office. I felt suddenly week and uncomfortable. Naturally ,we all colleagues were busy in work that day evening and our boss asked to us whether we were a waiting him to leave, then we all will leave as he leaves usually early than us. I was instructed to switch off the lights before leaving as I always leave in late. But I could not stop myself in anywhere while coming to room. I discovered myself in room at 2am while sweating profusely and feeling quite week. I was simply waiting morning to come but realizing as if night is still prolonging with different unrealistic dreams like my boss is killing me as I have not filled up the self-assessment and so many files are to be updated. Any way, night ended and morning came .I explained about my health conditions to all of my friends to all of my room mates and informed one of my colleague whom I used to call affectionately Big Madam. I felt like more temperature while I informed to my boss that I am suffering from fever and can’t go to office. My health condition started disappointing me. I was accompanied by my room mate Sachin to the nearest clinic named as Sai clinic and immediately they started my treatment and doctor suggested me for the immediate hospitalization. But after medication, I felt like getting recovery from the typhoid. I was awaiting suggestions from my superiors to move to suggested hospital. I was atlast informed by my friend Srikant to move to DR.D.Y.PATIL HOSPITAL. My boss sent me a message that you may take treatment and you are suggested to move to a good hospital. This statement gave me bit peace. I was admitted in padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Hospital in charitable segment in bed no.33.It was like unforgettable  place. I would never forget it. My room mate admitted there me and he came back as he had a duty in night shift. I was quite nervous as I was not having sufficient money as well as enough confidence to deal the situation. This 26/05/11 was one of the most critical days of my life. There was no relaxation in pain.Headache and temperature were killing me likeanything respectively. Injections and salines were given to me but for a limited period. In evening my friend Srikant came from office bit early and understood my plight and managed the situations tactfully.But there was no end to my sufferings. The temperature and headache were uncontrollable in evening around 7.30pm.I used to request brother a lot but he was not responding me clearly and ignoring me .All of my friends got back from office directly to the hospital and started scolding to the rude incharge brother and went to the enquiry counter and forcively made complaint against the authority not for attending me properly. The superintendent of hospital himself came to see my situation and investigate the matter. I must give thanks to all of my friends and especially to Sibnarayan who dared to lodge complain and brought the situation under the control. This night was the most terrible one for me during the staying in The padmashree Dr.D.Y.Patil Hospital. But in the mean time, I got a mother like unty who really took care me in the absence of my friends. She was really affectionate a lot and very much caring who was with her hospitalized husband next to my bed. I was really surprised to see the group and group of doctors and medical students who started visiting all the patients in the charitable section continuously. I must appreciate my friend sibnarayan for his effort which completely changed the situation of the neglected patient But still I am searching the unty who really left the hospital after the diagnosis of uncle is over. I am really thankful to god that he sent unty to take care of myself. Though I could not help her but I got the lessons in life to help each and every needy people in their need according to my ability.I was really financially poor to adjust the situation but my friend’s jitendra and sashi really saved me from the difficulty situations. In the meanwhile, I got a co-patient Mr.shivkumar who started talking with me and shared a lot of experiences of Mumbai with me. In second day eening in hospital, my colleagues like jena madam, snehal madam and shruti came to see me and I was really happy with their presence while I was alone in the deep see of negative thoughts. It really gave some more lessons.The last day was 28/05/11 .Doctor advised me to get discharged from the hospital as there was no more treatments required with certain suggestions of Medicines. I was discharged at night and my friends shib and thakur took me from hospital to the Sidhivinayak jewel, room no-502.There was also a great mystery that I had not informed my situations to my home as my parents will be impatient and my mom would start crying .But in the next day of my discharge, I informed to my home. They were really upset on me but what should I do. Infact it gave me the great lessons in life. At last my journey to home was planed and planned to leave the business city of India for a limited period of leave. This article is real life story of the author and it is also full of inspiration if we can extract from it.

I am greatful to all of my friends,doctors and co-patients who have really saved me and i salute to their help.Friends are really increidible.

With great wishes,
Yours truly,
(Affectionately called by friends)

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