Sunday, June 12, 2011



Dear Friends,

It was the morning of 3rd June at 6am.The destination was predestined from Mumbai to my home. It was the maiden journey from Mumbai to my home after long time without accompany of any of the friends. The feelings were quite lonely and isolated. I was really scared how to reach at my destination peacefully as my health condition was not at all good .I was on leave to home as I was hospitalized for typhoid. My ticket was done in tatkal by my relative Mr.Subash.I am really grateful to him for his great support and co-operation. My seat no was 30 in S-3.My cousin Mr.Subash took me to the platform and adjusted me in my berth. I was in doubt how my co-passengers will be with whom I am going to spend around 30 hours in Gitanjali Superfast train. My co-passengers were Mr.Achintya Kumar Bhattacharya, Mr.Kiran Kumar Sen, Sr.EMY and Mr.Swapan.Each of them were having different personalities and also quality but only three of them were having same qualification. The similarities were in their profession i.e. ART. Three of them were the prof.s of a reknowned art college of KOLKATA. But there were absolute differences in their Personality traits.Mr.Achintya was quite simple but man of humor and he was the most popular prof. for the students in his college according to the information of his colleagues. I must take the name of one of the most calm and quite person.Mr.Kiran who was the of Govt.College of Art and Craft, Calcutta. He was the most attractive personalities and a great gentle man. It was the last but not least Mr.Swapan who was the strong disciplinarian and man of principle. One of the most peculiar thing about this prof.was that his small bag which was small but full of all the necessary items. Another thing was that he was unmarried till now. It is my great honour to describe about sister EMY.She was getting back from Australia to Rourkela, odisha where her parents were staying. She was talking in English. She was working in Australia as a sister in an Australian church but after four years she was getting back to home. This is all about their descriptions and I don’t need to give any descriptions about myself. So I must start describing all the interesting issues during my journey. When I entered to my berth and before keeping my luggage in proper place, I saw that one lady was putting her luggage and talking in English. I was surprised because for the first time I confessed a passenger speaking in English so much fluently. We started introducing each other and I was the youngest among them. They started taking their breakfast but I was not feeling fine as I was getting away from my friends for a long time on leave. But we started sharing our food, snacks and cold drinks among each other. All of us started thinking as if we are in a family. Though it was bit slow but we started discussions regarding different topics including politics, business, art, spirituality, religion conversion etc among each other. Sister EMY became very close to me and we started so many personal issues with among each other. I also got so many personal advices from her and also my thrust about knowing Australia and the people. She also gave me an opportunity to move to Australia. I really could not imagine how my time was spent i.e. around 30 hrs in Gitanjali Superfast. Let me explain the moment of bidding Good bye to sister EMY.She got down in Rourkela station in morning 6am.I and Mr.Achintya helped her to shift luggage and shared some emotional moments. She blessed both of us and suggested me to work more hard to reach in a better place in my life. The best thing I learnt about her religious practices were obedience,poverty and chastity.I will not dare to forget all those things.My destination of Kharagpur reached and I was bound to bid goodbye to all of my co-passengers who were very nice and co-operative. Life is really uncertain and we do not know what will happen and when will happen. But my journey from Mumbai to My home was unforgettful and a spectacular experience. People come and go but they leave some experience which are just much valuable than the any materialistic things on this earth.

Thanking you all my blog viewers,

With best regards,
Dr.Rajib(Affectionately called by friends)
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