Monday, October 11, 2010


Dear friends,
Life is full of both  roses and thorns,days and nights, success and failure,happiness and setbacks.It is just like the game where equal probability of loosing and winning are expected in each and every moment.A real winner is he who knows how to play the game of life.But the game of life is very much tougher than the game of cricket or football or any other games.If some one is trying to bring something in his or her core area,It really takes a great moment to make it accepted by the society.It has been the general tendency of the people to discourage the innovaters to be achievers as some of the people does not like to see the new things so easily to be acclimatised.Let's take the example of Sachin Tendulkar,the samrat of the cricket.He is playing since the age of sixteen and he is the only one cricketer who is consistently making records and bringing glory  not only to India but also to the cricket lovers of the world.Yes,there is always a question comes in to my mind that some of the legends of our society are the most admirable but why not me?The craziest answer comes to my mind that I am not fortunate or lucky enough to achieve some of the expected ambitions.Other answers are like it's not my time to get what i want.But my conscience does not permit me to take it granted.Recently it was my dream to take my group to perform in our annual day cultural problem but it was really a great disaster to be selected in the final list of the performers list and i was absolutely demotivated for the result.It was also a blander on my part to believe in the grapevine communication of our rejection of  final day performance.But it was my mistake as i was absolutely worried but my great friend Rj Sonali ,my mom in the play plays the game meticulously  and atlast our group was selected that to in the fourth serial list of the cultural programme.It was really a great lessons to me how to materialise the dream properly.The game was nothing rather than  a strategy to win the heart of judges and their psychological parameters to get the edges over the competitors. It was also team efforts to  prove our mettle and we persuaded the judges to select our group.My heartiest thanks goes  to my friends silu,devi,prittam,sonali,anjani,suman for their practice and kind co-operation.So the rejected team which was not selected for the final screening got selected for the final selection.Do you think it is a luck?But i think it is the strategy or game of the play of life.So let's play the game effectively and tactfully.Don't be worried for the failure rather be worried how to get back in to the track of the mission of life.

Wish you all the best!!!!
Truely yours,
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