Friday, September 2, 2011


Dear blog viewers,
 Life is full of relationship. Every body is in chain of relationship. Relationship is a matter of truth, trust and transparency. No body likes to be in relation with some one who dose not respect the feelings and emotions of the beloved one. Though the world has been full of materialism but true relationship is above the give and take relationship.Ralization comes in the passage of experience and exchange of the thought and internal feelings. The most important objective of this blog is to remind the viewers about how we realize the worth of everything in the absence of it. I must explain it with all the practical experience of myself as well as of my friends and relatives. In the presence of our best friends, we fail to understand and uncertain conflict and understanding wash away the friendship which used to be considered as unbreakable as well as unbeatable and stronger than the destruction image of the Tsunami. But their absence in our life really makes us understand their value and affection towards us. Let me start my own experience in love and friendship. My loved one was rosy. She was my best friend.Our friendship was much more than the love but I can’t say like that because friendship itself is the flow of love and affections. During the period of our relationship, we used to carry on so many misunderstandings but it used to be solved. We used to share so many valuable things but now I am realizing the importance of our friendship and love. But it is a matter of the regret that an uncertain storm came in to our relationship.The uncertain storm is non-other than the boy friend and best friend of my girl friend and best friend. It was really a great turning point of my life as I understood later on of my broken and destroyed relationship with me . I am not sure what her mental status towards me is as she is in a new fantastic relationship but I do miss her and her so many guidance. I would like to mention a small but beautiful example.Durig our relationship, she used to guide me preparing the luggage’s before going to appear entrance examinations as well as journey for picnics and other places. She used to guide me in taking all the important necessary things with me for the journey. It is a unique experience of my life. Even till the day, I feel her absence while start long journey and her support. During her presence, I used to feel bit bad about her all those advices. It is really the fact that her absence in my life has enhanced her importance and her necessity and importance. Her friendship has made me realized her worth in her absence. This is a glance of my relationship though there are so many events during my romantic life. The next best example is my tenure in North Hostel, Balasore.Gobinda was my room mate but malay, presently junior scientist used to spend a lot of time in my room. During my graduation second year and third year, I was so much engrossed in the relationship with rosy that I was far away from the reality and practicality of life. Though gobinda and Malay were junior to me but they had tried their best to bring me to pragmatic world but I had not listened to them but now gobinda is in Balasore and Malay is in Kolkata and I am in Mumbai. We are far away from each other but I miss them and realize their absence in my life. Last but the least example is my corporate life @ Thyrocare Technologies Limited, Navimumbai.Basically my KRA was project management and data management. Though I am no more in that organization but my boss and team mates are realizing my absence in the data management and project management though during my staying in that organisaton,my boss was very much harsh towards me. It is true that absence is only the matter of realization and remembering the dignity of some one.

So, don’t neglect your present relationship or present work. Enjoy it with full spirit and enthusiasm.
Thanking you,
Yours passionately,
Rajib Kumar jena
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