Saturday, September 10, 2011


Dear blog viewers,
Every B-School student’s dream is to earn huge package, maintain bank balance and gratify the dream of parents as well as self. It is not the mistake of themselves but the mistakes of false information given by the training and placements department in order to attract as many students as possible though students may not be deserving to pursue the studies in that college.Ultimately, b-school itself is loosing its status and bench mark. It is a pathetic situation that the dignity of education has come down to such a level that so called educationists are forgetting that they are spoiling the dream of so Many students for their benefits. These educationists are non other than the directors or owners of so called reputed b-schools having so many authorizations which have not earned by the standard of the college but the bribe given to the concerned authorization authority.corruptio has reached to the max in a b-school since admission to convocation. Even the companies which are coming to the so many b-schools for placements are fraud who is never sticking to their commitments given at the time of the campus recruitments. It is not only politicians or bureaucrats but also the corporate are corrupted. Life of a b-school students become hell after crossing the gate of the b-school.Apart from iims,iits,xaviers or some of the reputed b-schools,maximum college’s recruitment partners are horrible. Neither colleges nor the corporate have the capacity to put the right candidate in to right position. But both the college and corporate who are true friends in terms of mutual benefits blame students that they don’t have employability or competencies but truth is absolutely different. The reality is that neither the college management nor the so called corporate have the capability to hire or give right placements. The truth of these two categories is unbelievable. A b-school owner can be a thief, truck association’s owner and so many demons etc.It is one side of the coin and another side of the coin is top level management of the company who believes truth, trust and transparency are applicable for the clients, vendors and lower level executives. But the transparency of these top level management is that a BSC graduate can be a marketing manager, BSC graduate can be an HRD officer, commerce graduate can be a training development manager and a DTP operator can be Business Development Manager. But these category managers always need MBAS from reputed B-schools to be their subordinates. This is the bitter truth of the internal story of the so many corporates. So the dignity of the MBAs are sold at the cost of the few salary which can be earned without any such expensive degree.So it is better not to have any salary, any boss and any job. The best alternative solutions can be entrepreneurship or selecting such professions which can be similar to the passion. There are so many options can be opted apart from these options. But it is the Clarian call to the victimized or would be victimized students to think of their dignity and own potentials very well. It is better not to be in a job where a boss judges his subordinate to dispatch the materials to the clients at the cost of the subordinate’s best presentation in the presence of the management. It is also analyzed that resigning from the job which permits to lead a life of a beggar in a metro as well as not to have a blind and man of partial boss.

So dear friends, there is no need to have such kind of boss, job and salary. Just lead the life with family members and find the way to lead the decent life. Because if one door is closed, there so many doors are opened. So sunrise may be late but sunset is sure.
Thanking you,
Yours passionately,
Rajib Kumar Jena
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