Monday, October 10, 2011

Lost relationship: Inefficient time management and passion of presentation

Dear Blog viewers,
It takes 5 minutes to break the relationship but it takes many years to build up the relationship. It is really a great mistake on my part to bring a great misunderstanding to my relationship of five years with my most understanding sister. It was 21st September 2011 which was one of the most important and respectable day of my life. I and my most respectable sister who has been a great support till now for me were invited to attend a seminar on Management system in an organization. It was really a thrilling and spectacular day in my life. I could not believe myself as I was the chief guest of the day. There was also a big tragedy that we had been informed to participate on the topic of organizational structure. But we had to deliver on management system in an organization. The system was absolutely fantastic as students had presented their talk on the topic followed by a question answer session. One of the students asked me about the definition of the organization. But I could not give the exact answer on the definitions and some of the students were not satisfied with my answer including a faculty. But later on I delivered the best talk on that day with the feedback on the students’ performance. Mean while I had forgotten that one of the guest were left to speak. But I had already consumed one hour at the cost of the most valuable time shared by my sweet sister but it is absolutely true that I feel insulted for committing mistake of not completing my talk in time and hurting the chief speaker of the day. But at the time of the delivering my talk, I had so much engrossed on the topic that even I had forgotten myself.Obiviously it would hurt the person who had given me the opportunity to participate. For the first time I hurt some one without having any intention who is always respectable and deserves appreciation for considering me as her younger brother. It is really sad that I was so much crazy to speak that I kept on delivering speech approximately one or more than an hour. I had lost myself on that day. When I realized that I had crossed my time limitation, the seminar was over. Neither students nor college authority did instruct me anything regarding the timing while delivering talk on my presentation predict as if they were enjoying with full heart. I am not able to forgive myself for my inefficient time management on that day. I am obliviously admitting that I am the culprit to give the pain to my co-speaker but it is true from my bottom of my heart that I have done it unknowly not knowingly. I hope that my blog viewers atleast would forgive for my mistake. The day my didi denied to talk, meet and pick up my call, I had decided not to attend any events or participate on any presentation but I could not stick to my commitment for my crazy passion of delivering speech and participating on all those events. I will never forget to manage my time efficiently as I have already lost my relationship at the cost of passion to speak. But one thing has been clear from the mistake that how much I am passionate about the orating.

Dear friends, but I am still not able to forgive myself for committing such mistake for passion and with my sister who used to love my like anything and providing me mental support in each and every moment. She is non-other than didi as I am not daring to mention her name without her prior permission to do so. Though she or all my blog readers would not forgive me but god may forgive me as he knows very well that the mistake was done without any preplan or any worst intention.
Thanking you all,
Best regards,
Dr.Rajib (Affectionately called by friends)

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