Tuesday, October 25, 2011


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It is well said that jack of all trade is master of none. Some of the egoistic persons or professionals think that as if they know every things of the every dynamism of business, society, economies of country, Human resource management, marketing management, Training and Development, Operation and many more aspects of the business. Some of the business tycoons of our country proclaim themselves as if they are the store house of all the growth and sustainable development strategy of the organization. Every corporates main theme of the business is the customer who is the king in the market place. This is true but significant truth is the employee satisfaction. It is important that customers should be given maximum priority but it does not mean at the cost of the employee exploitation. There are so many organizations in our country that creates their own policy instead of sticking to the labour acts. Standard operating procedures are prepared for Human Resource Management for the benefits of the organization at the cost of avoiding the proper leave policy, salary structure, employee welfare and in time release of salary as well as compulsory overtime duty. Even this policy has been applicable to all the departments for the maximum benefit of the organization.Unethics has been a prime business of the hour. There are so many organizations who are utilizing unethical business procedures to optimize the short term profits but they are forgetting long term sustainability in the world of corporations. Even it is a matter of the regret that so many business analysts are forgetting the importance of the quality control. But they shout a lot in the corroborate meetings that they are having one quality for the entire group of the customers in the world. But the truth is using expired reagents for the operation. Where so many times it is seen that huge difference in the result among the other competitors.Stingent actions is taken for the fault of the employees, franchisees but no action is taken against so called management. My blog readers will be surprised that management is none other than one person in a reputed limited company.Inspite of having good amount employees, managers, so many departments, complexed organizational structures but centralization is adopted since the inception. It is a matter of surprise that every rule is changed to exploit employees but authorities are not given in the hand of the highly paid managers. Even general manager’s decisions are abused in so many times as jack of all trade is master of none.Even it is a truth that an undergraduate become one of the board of members without understanding the abc of the operation. Leading corporaions like Wal-Mart and Nike have paid huge price for employee exploitation in the distanced past. We must live in the present but should not forget about past. It is important to learn from the past incidents taken place with different organizations and better steps need to be taken in to considerations. Personal ego must not be there as every employee; subordinates are the assets for the organizations. Nepotism must not be there in a leading organization for the continuous and consistent growth. Profit cans not the only motto rather so many aspects should be understood and analyzed for being a world leader and maintaining the brand name of the organization. Spending crores of rupees in advertisement does not have any value without satisfying existing customers. Every organization grabes greater amount of the present customers than the new customers. Customer relationship management should be applied for the profitability of the organization. But the ego of “ I know and I am only one store house knowledge “ should be minimized. No body is perfect even having one competencies but the ceo’s thinking them as if Mr. Perfect in every dynamics is a stupid acknowledgement.
So dear blog viewers, it may seem like a fiction but it is a truth. If you are an entrepreneur, be careful before loosing your business as the earliest.

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Dr.Rajib Kumar jena (Affectionately called as dr by friends)
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