Friday, November 18, 2011


Dear friends,

It was rally a wonderful experience of having a trip to the soil of the Mahatma Gandhi and the city of the chief minister Norendra Modi. Though my plan was not successful but got a golden opportunity to have a look on the city. It was really a wonderful city which is ahead of so many so called metros of India interms of education, nonviolence, industrialization, honesty, no cheating as well as theft cases. Because this city is still having the impact of Mahatma Gandhi in the mental horizon of the common people of the Gujarat. Let me start my tour from my initial journey from Khurda to Ahemedabad junction. It is true that I was absolutely nervous for such a long distance new journey. My friend Durga injected confidence within me before starting my journey from the khurda station. By the way of my journey, I got my co-passenger surjit  and got so much idea regarding the predestined city as well as regarding the ideas of how to publicize my blog. It was really great pleasure to be associated with him in the long journey. I reached in Ahemedabad in the morning of the 9th Nov; 2011.I was completely surprised and frightened to see the new location which was beyond my imagination. Though it was difficult to get the address of the Troyikka pharmaceuticals ltd office but after a bit enquiry I reached there.We were introduced with each other and interacted about the company and packages. We were instructed to get into the office premises for the document verifications and appearing for the final interview. My final interview was resumed but I cold not tackle with absolute confidence.But I came to know another tragedy that an ultimate guy was selected but I was not informed regarding the fact. I was kept in waiting for the next day but I got some good friends in hotel. It was nice evening at adi and we went to a mela where small kids were encouraged a lot regarding the co-curricular activities. The small kids were really fantastic in their approach and attitude towards doing the new things. But I reached at hotel and got some Oriya guys and was quite excited to get them together but it was a bitter experience. The chap was very overconfident and behaved with me as if he is the ceo of any company. He was sent to interview venue in the substitution with me. I was really upset while knowing the tragedy created by the higher authorities of the company. The next day I visited to the head office for the decisions taken by the management. But I was really shocked with the decisions given by them. Though I was depressed but I had got good friend like jaswant. It is my privileged to mention the name of my best friend who has been a guiding force for me since the inception of the ASBM days. Actually I was instructed by the zonal manager to get back to office but they denied for the final recruitment. I was absolutely frustrated what to do and how to get back odisha as I was completely new for the city. But my best friend none other than NIHAR who saved me also in that city. I felt confident while nihar introduced his Ahmadabad friend amit.Though I could not get the job but I got nice person like amit who helped me like anything. I am really grateful to him forever. Then I tried to search my class mates in the gandhian city. But my friend niel(my room mate) informed me about my PGIB friend Manoj.Manoj is really a fantastic and helpful guy who picked me from the salt lake. I was really impressed with the help of manoj and his two dadaji’s.They were really great. I got my ticket in tatkal on 10th nov, 2011 from adi to hwrh.Even I got the auto driver who was very much nice person. My train pourabandar to Howrah express reached at 11pm.I got into the train and assisted by one Gujarati who was another nice character in my story of life@ahemedabad. As my ticket was on tatkal waiting list,I had no option to seat or sleep but the uncle offer his seat for me…it was really a great support from his end till the howrah.He was absolutely a kindhearted person. At last I spent my one day staying at jay’s residence and I talked with full heart with my friend after a long time. Though my trip was having bitter experiences, but it was a venture and great experience of my life.

Thanks to all my dear and near ones for their ample support during the staying at Ahmadabad.

Best regards,
Dr.Rajib kumar jena
(Affectionately called by friends)
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