Thursday, May 3, 2012


Dear friends,
A Friend in need is a friend indeed. Friendship makes prosperity more shining and lessens adversity by dividing and sharing it. But it is found that friends are making the prosperity more worst and doubling the adversity by being selfish during difficulties. It is really crucial to have a friend in every body’s life. Human being is having full of emotions and thoughts which need to be shared and cared properly. But one needs to have a friend who understands each and everything of his friend. Because what ever cosmopolitan we may be..Still parents and family members have failed to understand us effectively. It is observed that very few parents have understood their childrens.If we turn over the pages of mythology….we can get the example of best friends is krushna and sudama.Any one can understand from krushna and sudama about the reality of the best friendship. But the question arises, is there such kind of relationship exists right now? I think not at all for the present time. I always love to share my own experience with my blog viewers to give the reality to my article..Because anything which comes from our heart can reach to every body’s heart. I used to believe that best friends are the part and parcels of our life but it has been contradicted in many circumstances. It is clear from my experience that we are the best friend of our self.It may not be inferred to all bonds of relationship but from reality  point of view, no body is our friend, we are only  friend and best friend  of our self. The world has been materialized. Every body believes in materialistic attitude. Emotion is less but imagination of getting more from friends are sky kissing.According to the opinion of a great person “oho God save me from my friends, I will take care of my enemies”. Friends are like gun, you don’t know when they will shoot you. Let me share my experience regarding my friends. While I was in my graduation, I was passing through a golden era of my life. I was very good in study as well as co-curricular activities. But the day I got a friend who turned in to my girl friend in later on became the real demon of my growth and development. She left me after exploiting me as her level best. There are also so many incidents which would be a novel of my life regarding my friendship and love .I can at least mention one thing that if she had been my best friend and loved one, she would not have done such pretention with me. Some people may not accept this logic but they will realize the essence of this matter later on. I will be happy to mention the most recent experience of accident not the incident regarding a friend who misbehaved with me like anything. One of my very close friends had come to her home after long time from Hyderabad. She wished to meet with us all in our town and we also met with her. But we had decided to have tour to the most beautiful place of our town. But unfortunately my AFM changed his plan and started working with me. So I could not get time to spare with my friends and I just had got 15 minutes to be with them even after my busy schedule. As I was feeling guilty for not being involved with them….so after completing my official task, I went to meet with her at her home but the way she misbehaved with me…I could not sleep that night. If she had been my good friend, she would not have behaved like that. If I start narrating all the experience, it would be a book. So it is better to give enough time to our self than the so called best friends. We need to analyze our self properly than what friends are eating and wearing. We can be the best critic of self. Most of the time we ask decisions from our friends but they give decisions as per we want. There is nothing great in it. Some group of friends are there to give ideas for our failure as the earliest. But inspite of chatting and gossiping if we spend time for our self development, we will reach in a great height of our life. So be the best of the self…..and be the best friend of the self.

Thanking you,
Best regards,
Dr.Rajib (Affectionately called by friends)

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